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Cristiano Ronaldo: Absent against Lyon?

We are all looking forward to admiring Cristiano Ronaldo against Lyon. However, José Mourinho leaves the suspense as to the presence of CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo: His training to muscle does not protect him from various and varied physical glitches. Wounded and absent from the grounds for two weeks, CR7 worked hard to be present tonight, in the Champions League, against Lyon. Cristiano Ronaldo, preserved this weekend, in the championship, by his coach José Mourinho. No Madrid imagines a single second Real Madrid to pass from the Portuguese to the long-awaited eighth-final Champions league comeback. And yet José Mourinho made a statement that leaves doubt.

Ronaldo, away from Lyon? “At the moment, I do not know if he will be able to play, if he is sufficiently recovered.” I will decide after the training of this Tuesday according to its state of form. “I’m not a doctor, if I’m told he shouldn’t play, I won’t play it,” said Jose Mourinho at a pre-game press conference. Cristiano Ronaldo: Present against Lyon; All the sports press has worn and abused this title this week, as the presence of the Portuguese seemed certain. Honestly, I think that Mourinho’s statement is just one of the intox that he has the secret. Cristiano Ronaldo bets his number of goals against Lyon. I bet Cristiano Ronaldo will play against Lyon.

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