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Cristiano Ronaldo: 7-0 against Malaga

Real Madrid has won 7-0 against Malaga last night. Cristiano Ronaldo has written a triplet.

Irina Shayk pregnant by Cristiano Ronaldo? While waiting for maybe again to be dad, Cristiano Ronaldo, who had not scored since February 7, broke out last night: Real Madrid wins 7 0 and CR7 marks a triplet! Ronaldo dribbles his back but is above all good with his feet, and he continues to show it to us. Despite his exit wound at the end of the match (“I felt pain at the level of my foot support by scoring.”) I don’t think it’s something special or serious, but don’t take any chances. Besides I do not think I will play Sunday, “entrusted CR7, victim of a contracture to the thigh”, Ronaldo splashed the game of his class. If you are not convinced, the video summary and the photos of his match against Malaga will end your doubts:

Cristiano Ronaldo: 2368 minutes played since the beginning of the season, has simply impressive stats! 26 games played for 27 goals scored (including 6 on penalty), this is simply an average of more than one goal per game. José Mourinho defends Cristiano Ronaldo from the critics, and in view of the overall performance of the Portuguese this season, even the most skeptical must settle in the opinion of the “Special One”. All the same: the Barca keeps 7 points ahead of the Real. Like last year, the exceptional performances of Cristiano Ronaldo could be the only trophy of the season for supporters Madrid …

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