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Cristiano Ronaldo: Superb goal against the Athletico

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a superb goal this weekend against the Athletico Bilbao during the victory of Real Madrid 3-1. 

If Ronaldo goes to AC Milan, Jose Mourinho follows him. When we see the way in which Real Madrid has dominated Bilbao this weekend, it is said that such a team will rival one day or the other with the ogre Barcelona. Di Maria provoked 2 penalties, the returning and Gold Ball 2007 Kaka transformed the two, Cristiano Ronaldo came home and planted a sumptuous goal with his special. He scored a little earlier in the week against Tottenham. Judge for yourself!

At the sight of the Liga match which counted for the 31st Athletico Day Bilbao-Real Madrid, it is said that this team is getting better and better despite the delay accumulated on the leader Barcelona in the Championship (7point). But the two teams will meet 4 times in the space of 18 days. So there will be a real mathematical and psychological turning point. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo: Why so much hatred towards fashion? What do you feel could be the results of the 4 Classicos? 4 Barca wins?

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