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Cristiano Ronaldo: Psychologically touched!

Cristiano Ronaldo who injured himself in the third goal he registered against Malaga, can not recover, he is now psychologically touched.

if Cristiano Ronaldo would be the against Tottenham (video)?. Now he delivers his impressions. Since he aggravated his injury by playing the Madrid derby, he is now deprived of competition for nearly three weeks, the time to stop once and then to start a good re-education. Would he be jealous that Messi is richer than him? Video) This injury is strongly criticized by the leaders of Tottenham according to them, Cristiano Ronaldo makes his cinema! 

“I feel very limited physically.” The doctor saw the MRI images and was able to verify that I was not well. Now I want to recover to 100%. I can’t go on like this anymore. I’m starting to get seriously sick of this injury. This pain made me not bad thinking. “I don’t want it to affect me psychologically.” said Cristiano Ronaldo to Ace. Only thing to check, is he telling the truth?

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