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Cristiano Ronaldo: The photos of his game at Real Madrid-Tottenham

Cristiano Ronaldo played last night against the Tottenham players. Real Madrid has easily imposed 4 to 0 with a goal of Cristiano Ronaldo. 
Last night was a well filled Champions League party with lots of great goals. You’ve definitely seen the goals of the incredibly Dingo Inter Milan-Schalke 04 , which finally ended in a 5-2 for Schalke 04. But the Real Madrid of our friend Cristiano Ronaldo also played at home against the poor team of Tottenham who felt the pill. The video of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Tottenham. Here are the pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo’s match against Tottenham last night.

Yes, Real Madrid has easily imposed 4 to 0 against a team of Tottenham who is not at all back in his game, and who sees himself virtually eliminated by Cristiano Ronaldo and the players of Real Madrid, even if he remains a match back to get to know each other ir. Cristiano Ronaldo who wants to return to the top, crucified the players of Tottenham by scoring the 4th goal, synonymous with overwhelming victory. A great performance of Cristiano Ronaldo against Tottenham last night.

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