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Cristiano Ronaldo: Orgies with Berlusconi and Clooney

Cristiano Ronaldo is part of the list of 78 witnesses potentially subpoenaed for the case of the Rubygate, in the company of George Clooney: Berlusconi really indulged in orgies?

Cristiano Ronaldo doped? Before thinking of justifying himself to the rumors related to his (hypothetical) treatment of stem cells, supposedly curing him more quickly from his injury to the thigh – illegally – Cristiano Ronaldo was called to the aid of Berlusconi. The Italian prime minister is accused of engaging in tariffed sexual relations with minors, during evenings which according to witnesses often saw the orgie. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to go back to the top. Problem, in addition to his thigh injury, he was also implicated in this so-called “Rubygate” case. Want to know more? 

“Rubygate” is the name given to the scandal initiated by the testimony of Karima El Macaspac, known as “Ruby”, who claims to have had sexual relations not only with Silvio Berlusconi, but also with Cristiano Ronaldo, for the sum of 4000 euros. Will the couple trained by Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk survive this media storm? Ronaldo is included in a list of the 78 witnesses established by Berlusconi’s lawyers, just like George Clooney. The court may still refuse the testimony of certain personalities. Cristiano Ronaldo, psychologically touched, will he endure all this pressure?

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