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Cristiano Ronaldo: Mourinho leaves with Ronaldo!

The rumor still runs on Cristiano Ronaldo departing for AC Milan, 

Berlusconi wants Ronaldo, today it is up to Mourinho to exclaim on the subject. “If Ronaldo leaves Real, I also leave” this is what the coach of the Merengues, José Mourinho, says about the announcement of Silvio Berlusconi who has “a dream” to cast off the Portuguese on the field of San Siro next year. In Real Madrid This transaction is not possible, when you know the player it is hard to separate from its technique. When we hear “I will try to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo” from the mouth of Berlusconi who declares this in the lines of the Gazetta Dello Sport, one can worry.

 “I think it’s mission impossible, but in the football industry, everything becomes possible.” “I don’t know” adds Berlusconi, to put extra pressure to the club merengue. Let’s wait until the end of the season to see if all of this is real. What do you think of Mourinho’s reaction?

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