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Cristiano Ronaldo: made his cinema!

Cristiano Ronaldo is still wounded, is this a stroke of Mourinho? A shot not to play both games with Portugal? 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi could evolve in the same team? The relapse of Cristiano still wounded should make her talk. Indeed Portuguese will be deprived of friendly meetings with Portugal. The assistant coach of Tottenham, Tim Sherwood says in the columns of Guardian: “He didn’t seem to have a serious problem.” “He looked more like someone who has two friendly matches with Portugal and who would not want to play them.” Would Ronaldo do movies? In any case, this is what the Spurs ‘ assistant coach suggests.

Cristiano Ronaldo, The relapse, is what headline two days ago. Indeed Portuguese should not join his teammates of Real Madrid before 2 to 3 weeks, what the official website of the club announced. This is a bluff tells the assistant coach of Tottenham, who is on to see him evolve on the ground against his team for the quarter-finals gone from the Champions League on April 5. While Ronaldo admires him (videos), Mourinho does the same because he is well decided to spare his player because the stakes in the Champions League and the chaining of 4 Classico make him surely afraid, so he wants to have the star of Real under his wing at the important moment . What do you think of this injury?

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