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Cristiano Ronaldo: A lipo suction to replay

Cristiano Ronaldo is tired of his repetitive wounds. He’s thinking about liposuction. We’ll tell you more about on

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to go back to the top. His thigh injury has worsened, and Cristiano Ronaldo, psychologically touched, wants to be available for the quarter-final Real Madrid – Tottenham on April 5. He is willing to do anything to heal definitively. The evidence: CR7 is thinking about getting liposucer. According to Marca, the player is ready to undergo a whole new treatment: the collection of stem cells. “There are signs that these cells can strengthen tendons and muscles,” says a doctor specializing in Marca. The experiment was significant in animals but the human being is different. At home, the technique is still in the experimental phase.

The treatment consists in the collection of cells in the bone marrow or in adipose tissues, as in liposuction. The cells are then injected into the wounded area of the human body: In this case, it is the thigh of Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo kicked out of real, it’s not for tomorrow: Real Madrid intends to have his player available against Tottenham. “This process has no side effects after treatment,” continues the specialist. “In any case, the future of sports medicine goes through this mode of operation”. No doping for Cristiano Ronaldo, so. Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Tottenham, or not? We’re crossing our fingers for the show!

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