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Cristiano Ronaldo: Kicked out of Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo kicked out of Real Madrid! Rest assured: It’s just time for an Adidas pub. 

Cristiano Ronaldo makes his cinema: not with the OEM Adidas, at least. In the brand new pub of the three bands, we recognize Karim Benzema and Kakà under the Real jersey. But not Cristiano Ronaldo. Adidas would have voluntarily deprived himself of the most media star of Real Madrid? Let’s think for a moment: it’s impossible! The truth is that the main sponsor of Cristiano Ronaldo is Nike, the competitor number one of Adidas. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in the same team: a transfer from CR7 to Barca would certainly dream Nike

Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo admires him. Does the fact that both Portuguese and Brazilian are bound by contract to Nike explain this media outlet? can you bring a definitive answer to this terrible question: Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi, who is the most stylish? For Adidas, none of the two I imagine …

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