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Cristiano Ronaldo: In AC Milan next season?

Cristiano Ronaldo already on the start, in any case that is what the president of Milan AC, Silvio Berlusconi wants. President Lombard wants to bring Ronaldo next season,

Cristiano Ronaldo Rossonero? The rumor seems completely insane, a little less than two years after its transfer to Real Madrid which remains the most expensive in history (94 million euros), Portuguese would be wooed. President Berlusconi finds the summits of Serie A and begins to dream … of Cristiano Ronaldo who scored a superb goal against the Athletico. It is true that real could know a new white year, but it is hard to see the merengues assign a player who turns to more than 30 goals per season.

Financially first of all the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo that marks against Tottenham is almost impossible for the AC Milan, 94 million euro minimum for the transaction. But Silvio Berlusconi has arguments to argue, first of all finding the European summits with AC Milan (which remains a mythical club …) and becoming the star of a whole country (Italy, which is not nothing …) Mourinho who leaves with Ronaldo, would bite his fingers in case of departure of the Genie Lusitanian. But all this remains a rumor … for now … Do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo can sign at AC Milan?

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