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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why his son fascinates the press?

Since June 17, 2010, Cristiano Ronaldo The most expensive player in the history of football has become the father of a little boy named Junior. Today the press wants to know more about the origin of his son.

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s most talented footballers is also a young dad of a little boy named Junior whom he had through a surrogate mother. The latter gave birth to Little Ronaldo on June 17, 2010, pushing the Portuguese prodigy to take care of someone other than himself. It’s a bad thing for a good, or the other way around. I don’t care. The remaining question is: Who is the mother of the child? Did Ronaldo actually use a surrogate? The legend would like him to meet a young woman and spend the night with this one. Without going into the details, the baby would have been conceived on that occasion. The beautiful Portuguese kid would have bought the young woman’s silence and her rights on the baby against 12 million euros. Here are the latest photos of Cristiano Ronaldo and his Junior son, accompanied by his companion Irina Shayk.

One year after the fact we still do not know the truth but the latest information on the subject would let us think of a surrogate mother paid to buy the rights of the baby. The case becomes more complicated now that the mother is not so willing to leave her son in the hands of the women of the family of Cristiano Ronaldo. Always is it that the mystery around this woman divides the press and the titles stalk the Portuguese and his son, as during the training session where Ronaldo receives the visit of the toddler accompanied by his aunt. Do you think Ronaldo is a big man to be a father?

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