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Cristiano Ronaldo: Victim of rumors about his departure

Cristiano Ronaldo, the attacker of Real Madrid, is plagued by crazy rumors: he would leave his club.

Cristiano Ronaldo, as effective as Messi, is as for all players in the period of Mercato. It is at this moment that the transfers of the football players are decided. Many rumors are circulating on Cristiano Ronaldo, player at Real Madrid since 2009. Some talk about starting for next season. This is the case of the Spanish press with the newspaper Marca, which had revealed a conflict between the player and his coach José Mourinho. They would have argued during a training and Florentino Pérez, the president of the club, would have granted a good release to Cristiano Ronaldo.

But it is still hard to believe that the President of the club would be willing to give a good release to his best striker without asking for anything in return. Moreover, there was no communiqué or statement that would lead us to believe that there was a dispute between Cristiano Ronaldo and his coach. It is, moreover, probable that Florentino Pérez prefers to veer José Mourinho, the coach rather than to let Cristiano Ronaldo leave, which signs autographs. We can conclude that Cristiano Ronaldo will not leave real Madrid unless there is a real reason or a reversal of unexpected situation. Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo can change clubs?

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