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Cristiano Ronaldo: Take the referee!

Yesterday Real Madrid was eliminated from the Champions League. The opportunity for Cristiano Ronaldo to give, according to him, the reason for this failure: Arbitration!

For those who followed the match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona last night, the statements you find below were predictable. I might even say it was running in advance! Cristiano Ronaldo who was expected by a whole people did not manage to create the surprise. For the record, during this match (1-1), Real was unjustly denied a goal of Gonzalo Higuain for a little obvious fault of CR7 on Mascherano. It goes without saying that at 0-0, a goal of Real would have allowed the Madrid to believe a little more and to play their luck thoroughly. On the Barca side, this goal would have made the team of Pep Guardiola doubtful. Doubt, yes. But, to the point of allowing the Real to qualify?

It is in any case what Cristiano Ronaldo thinks: “It was impossible Mission 4.” We knew that was what was going to happen. We’ve been used to it since the first game. Higuain’s purpose was valid. It was an open game. “Once again we have to learn to live with it.” (On the action) “Pique pushes me and I stumble upon Mascherano who in England would not have stayed on the ground and here he does like everyone else and it looks like he dies every time we touch him.” The goal is valid, it could change the game but the referee did not want. The one who knows football knows that Barca is very protected. We have to live with this injustice. If it was for that, it would have been better not to come at all. “Next season, you might as well give the cup directly to Barca!” So what do you think? Wouldn’t Higuain’s goal have allowed Real to believe in the point of being successful in qualifying for the Champions League final? In any case, Cristiano Ronaldo, who had criticized Messi after the match go, found a new victim to criticize for the return match!

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