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Cristiano Ronaldo: Irina Shayk snubbed by Sara Carbonero

Cristiano Ronaldo attended with Irina Shayk at the final of the tennis tournament in Madrid when his teammate Iker Casillas joined him with his wife, journalist Sara Carbonero, who snubbed the couple.

The ego of Cristiano Ronaldo took a hell of a blow this Sunday when he attended the final of the Madrid tennis tournament. Seated in the first boxes alongside his girlfriend Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 4 goals against Seville, was joined by his teammate Iker Casillas, keeper and captain of Real Madrid. This was accompanied by the journalist Sara Carbonero, who is also his wife. Iker Casillas does not fail to greet the couple while Sara Carbonero does not compute them at all. 

As seen on the video, Sara Carbonero first sought to avoid the couple Cristiano Ronaldo/Irina Shayk whose photos were seen in Tribune during Real Madrid – real Santander. Then Iker Casillas guides his wife to the couple but Sara Carbonero does not greet them and hastens to kiss her husband world champion. It may be noted that Cristiano Ronaldo did not appreciate this disrespect and draws a head that says a lot. Why do you think Sara Carbonero snubbed CR7 and Irina Shayk?

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