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Cristiano Ronaldo: Interview El Partido de Las 12

Cristiano Ronaldo has entrusted himself to the radio programme El Partido de las 12. In addition to his career, footballer also talked about more personal things.

After qualifying his team against Norway and signing autographs, Cristiano Ronaldo was interviewed by the radio programme El Partido de las 12. During this interview, footballer specified his loyalty to Real Madrid despite the rumor the mutant in Manchester City for a higher salary. “I will not leave Real Madrid, at least for now (…)” I want to sign for 10 years and retire here. Money is not the most important. I want to complete my contract “firmly stated Cristiano Ronaldo as reported the site CristianoRonaldoFan.”

While the Real Madrid stars are telling us about Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo gives his opinion on the new players of the next season. Footballer has also answered more personal questions that are certainly useless but still interesting to know for the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo. We now know that his favorite dish is the paella and his favorite film The Silence of the Lambs, very good choice by the way. Admirer of Luscious Brunettes, Angelina Jolie is her privileged actress. His beloved athletes are Tysan and Tiger Woods. As for the favorite music group, Cristiano Ronaldo admits to having too much to list. Yes, after football, Cristiano Ronaldo loves music. What do you think of this interview?

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