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Cristiano Ronaldo: His Junior son in training!

Cristiano Ronaldo received the visit of his Junior son during his training with the selection of Portugal. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in full preparation with Portugal in view of the match for the qualifiers of the Euro 2012 against Norway. While he was in full training, he received a visit for the least unexpected but that made the media happy. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo received the visit of his Junior son who was with his aunt. Here is the cliché shot by a photographer! One more picture that could rendreCR7 hysterical.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, the photo is very blurry. According to the photographer, “he will try to get a new one as soon as possible.” Attention friends, Cristiano Ronaldo is very protective of his privacy, especially when she touches his Junior son. He had been furious to see the pictures of his son all over the media. The photos were taken while Cristiano Ronaldo and Junior were walking.

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