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Cristiano Ronaldo: he criticizes Messi!

Cristiano Ronaldo did not exist on Wednesday night. He was allowed to minimize Lionel Messi’s performance.
The reactions to Real Madrid-Barcelona are numerous. In a press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo did not want to accept the superiority of FC Barcelona to justify defeat. As his coach, he preferred to put forward the decisions of the arbitral body “you’ve all seen what happened.” When we were eleven to eleven, we did not have a nice game, but we controlled the meeting. It’s always the same in the face of FC Barcelona. Is that a coincidence? The 0-0 is not a bad result, we could have scored against it. But Pepe was then expelled and … “We are very sad because there is always the same thing against this team.”

He then returned to Lionel Messi’s performance. Lionel Messi, his sumptuous purpose did not impress Cristiano Ronaldo as evidenced by the latter: “Messi?” Against ten players, it’s easier. “Provided that I also have the chance to play against ten players, like him”. For Cristiano Ronaldo, the comparison with Lionel Messi constantly turns to obsession. Lionel Messi scored a double in the stage of Cristiano Ronaldo, the latter will have the opportunity to do so the same on May 3rd.

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