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Cristiano Ronaldo: As effective as Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most effective player in the world with Lionel Messi according to a survey on the number of goals and decisive passes compared to the time spent on the field. 

For Cristiano Ronaldo, the battle against Messi continues. He finishes the season on an equal basis in terms of efficiency. The imscouting site carried out a survey based on the frequency of goal and decisive pass. If Cristiano Ronaldo is the best scorer in La Liga with 40 goals, Lionel Messi catches up with the number of decisive passes (19 vs. 11 for Portuguese). Finally, the two players were decisive every 57.14 minutes. An impressive ratio for the two stars who are the only ones to be decisive every hour. It is the Hulk, the FC Porto player, who accompanies them on the podium thanks to his exceptional season by being decisive every 63.64 minutes.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was once again beaten by Messi for the Di Stephano Trophy, rewarding the best player in La Liga, managed to return to the height of the Argentine. The Portuguese must still despair of being able to overtake him one day. It should be noted that League 1 is not represented in this ranking, its first representative is Lisandro and it happens only 11th by being decisive every 86.83 minutes. La Liga, thanks to its two wonders, is the only championship to have two players in the ranking since Italy is represented by Di Natale of Udinese, England by Robin Van Persie of Arsenal and Germany by Mario Gomez of Bayern Munich. Who could bring the League 1 into the ranking next year?

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