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FC Barcelona: Real Madrid defeated last night, video highlights

Barça knocks out the Real of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi wins the Spanish Supercup after a very tense encounter and marked by the brawl

Last night was the Classico with the return match FC Barcelona-Real Madridau Camp Nou. After the loser 2-2 at the game go to the Bernabeu, so it is the Catalans who take the Spanish Supercup 3-2 and hit a big blow on their eternal Madrid rival with a double of Messi. The Argentine was indeed the great craftsman of this victory, and found from the 14th minute the opening in depth for Iniesta that opens the score. Blow for blow, Benzema sent to the 19th a good centre stretched in front of the goal of Valdes. Ronaldo threw himself and, in a pool shot, made fly. From then on, the two teams went for a hit, in a hectic game. But at the 44th Pique was very inspired following a corner and addressed a beautiful backheel to Messi, who then played Casillas. The second period was marked by a lot of tension leading to a rain of cardboard and closing the match by a scuffle between the players at the 93rd.

The second period proved to be more chopped than the first, but also much crazier. As a first step, Barca was content to manage its advantage and fell asleep on its laurels. Benzema then found the equalization of an opportunistic revival of the Law (82) on the corner. We headed straight for the extension when Messi, in a last coup de rein, catapultaited into the nets of Casillas a center of Adriano at the 88th. Three nails to crucify Real Madrid. Faced with so many frustrations, the Madrid who had first reacted positively by returning to the score, found as the ultimate answer only the provocation, which would have caused a real rain of cardboard at the end of the game (exclusions of Marcelo and Özil côté Real, Villa side Barcelona). Compared to the Sunday game, Barca was unrecognizable, as transformed by its audience. Or more surely it is necessary to see there the effect of his magic Triplette Xavi-Messi-Iniesta, gathered from the beginning at Camp Nou in the opposite of the go. FC Barcelona won the Spanish Supercup before the start of a championship plagued by the La Liga strike. What did you think of this game yesterday?

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