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Cristiano Ronaldo: Turkey, he fled by helicopter

Cristiano Ronaldo was on Saturday in Istanbul for the inauguration of a shopping mall. The Portuguese finally changed its plans because of the riot created and came back in a helicopter. 

The Portuguese footballer is so famous that he becomes a victim of his success. We told you, Cristiano Ronaldo created the riot in Istanbul as he was invited by the president of Besiktas Yildrim Demiroren himself, for the inauguration of a commercial center. Security was at this point overwhelmed by the increasingly agitated crowd, that the star of the round ball and his girlfriend Irina Shayk were forced to leave the scene and the event was cancelled. But as the streets were crowded and circulated was difficult, Cristiano Ronaldo borrowed the airway to reach his hotel.

Yes, after calling the army for his son to avoid the paparazzi, Cristiano Ronaldo flies away to escape the raving crowd! The couple was able to find the calm in their hotel. On the video, you can notice the impressive number of people who came to admire Ronaldo, who uttered a few words from the top of a balcony. The mini autograph session even made a groupie cry. What do you think of the passion aroused by Ronaldo?

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