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Cristiano Ronaldo: Kaka, hand in hand

Cristiano Ronaldo in a register where he was not necessarily expected. Hand in hand with Kaka, this photo promises to make talk and throw rumors. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has beautiful making sexy pictures with Irina Shayk, we are not fools! Yes, the man who has everything to be happy (football star, a whopping salary, a Ferrari of 350 000 euros and a Ukrainian dummy in it) perhaps lacked something: the warmth of male camaraderie. Well Cristiano Ronaldo has perhaps today finally found happiness with one of his teammates: Kaka. Both speak Portuguese, inevitably it brings closer, and then from thread to needle, in the elation that follows a goal in a match, the social pressure relaxes, and this is what happens. A handshake not very manly that promises a happy skidding in the shower locker room. 
It’s true what, they like to play in depth, and as soon as they score their goal they undress in one second to join their teammates and make them out of the Apulian. What Cristiano Ronaldo prefers is making judo shots to defenders to take them to the ground with him. Simulation he screamed. Oh, yes. There are still plenty of pictures that are confusing genres if you know what I mean. The floor of the Real Madrid locker room is littered with soap. And if he spends his time laying bare torso, that’s fine because he feels he had something to compensate for. In short these photos will cause mass suicides among the female scatterbrained. And you, do you also have doubts now about the preferences of Cristiano Ronaldo?

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