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Cristiano Ronaldo: He releases a documentary at the cinema!

The Portuguese star of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo has partnered with the famous brand of Castrol engine oil, for a documentary that will be presented next week, in preview, in Madrid before being broadcast in 15 other countries. The Melty VO

After the buzz of CR on Twitter following the final of the King’s Cup won by Barca, we find our dear Cristiano this time for the promotion of his film produced by the Castrol brand. A true ambassador of the brand, “CR7” has agreed to turn a documentary of one hour where the Portuguese can be found in full possession of its means in a laboratory. Multiplying the technical gestures and the strikes of all kinds, Cristiano is bursting!

The scenes are interspersed with interviews of Arsène Wenger (Arsenal) and Fabio Capello (England) Two of the world’s greatest managers. The documentary will be called “Ronaldo tested To the Limit”, we will find some very impressive phases of “slow motion”. After announcing his engagement with Irina Shayk This is the second big news of the week for Portuguese. So what do you think about this movie?

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