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Cristiano Ronaldo: Cheryl Cole, he makes confessions

Cristiano Ronaldo file The perfect love with his girlfriend Irina Shayk, and yet he makes confessions to the New newspaper about Cheryl Cole.
While one wonders again whether Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk would expect a wedding for soon, the footballer of Real Madrid was interviewed by the magazine New today and came to talk about Cheryl Cole who would be her feminine ideal. To believe that her girlfriend swimsuit model is no longer enough for her. Cristiano Ronaldo then confessed to the newspaper, with obviously an incredible modesty “it’s hard to think of a person worthy for the sexiest man in the world.” “I’d like to take Cheryl for a hot chocolate.”

Very delicate Cristiano, and why a hot chocolate first? Cristiano Ronaldo who walks around naked with Irina Shayk in bikini on the beach then listed what he loved in a woman. “The girls who are glamorous.” Girls who get drunk. Girls who are shallow. “Girls who dress all the time showing their breasts well and trying to be sexy.” He has a vision of the rather charming woman this young footballer. In any case, we understand better why he’s dating a swimsuit mannequin. What do you think of his lovely words?

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