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Cristiano Ronaldo: 350 000 euros car

Cristiano Ronaldo is a fulfilled man. Record the number of goals scored in La Liga, a pay worthy of the euro million, a Russian mannequin under the arm, and a car of 350 000 euros to take her shopping.

While Cristiano Ronaldo will confront David Beckham of the L. A Galaxy on Saturday night, Cristiano Ronaldo recalls him out of the grounds. If the player is fast with a ball, he must be even more at the wheel of his new car. A newspaper explains that the star Lusitanian has gone to lunch in a Japanese restaurant in Lisbon, and that he would have taken his companion the model Irina Shayk aboard a black Ferrari whose price was estimated at about 350 000 euros. It is imagined that Cristiano Ronaldo is no more than a few hundred thousand euros. 

Of course the inhabitants of the capital of Portugal have rushed to try to see the Ferrari of the Real Madrid player, just as the fans had rushed to the entrance of the hotel of Cristiano Ronaldo to try to get a precious autograph. It is imagined that Ronaldo consoled himself with the loss of his previous Ferrari, which had been destroyed in 2009 in an accident while travelling more than 300 km/h in Manchester. But this one was only worth 220 000 euros. Pooh!

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