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Cristiano Ronaldo: 30 million fans on Facebook, it’s celebrating!

The Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 30 000 000 fans on Facebook recently. To celebrate the occasion, he organized a photo contest on his page intended for his supporters. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, Ravi de Coentrão at Real Madrid, has recently become the first sportsman in history to surpass the 30 million fans on Facebook, in just one year. This figure still represents the population of a country such as Morocco or Peru and almost three times that of Greece. To celebrate this event, the Portuguese Pichichi has organized a great photo contest for its supporters. He asked them to imagine a picture that best represents this passage at 30 m before selecting the top 10 to submit them to the community vote.

Just put a ‘ I like ‘ on a photo to vote. The one that has garnered the most mentions on July 20 at midnight will win “a prize” for the undetermined moment. Some bad languages hope for a title of Spanish Champion for the Galactic 2.0. Added on Wednesday, some photos already collect thousands of ‘ I like ‘. Currently in the lead is a screenshot of the Fan Page displaying the 30 million all round. Cristiano Ronaldo who traded his jersey with David Beckham proves once again that he is at the top. What do you think?

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