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Cristiano Ronaldo: Rich and handsome according to him

Cristiano Ronaldo got away with camera after a tense match, facing Dynamo Zagreb last Wednesday. The opposing supporters would have whistled out of jealousy.

“I think it’s because I’m rich, beautiful boy and I’m a great player that people are jealous of me.” “I don’t see any other explanation.” Cristiano Ronaldo. When he takes the ball, it’s a pure treat. But it is when he takes the microphones of the journalists that he really expresses all his potential. So, Wednesday night, he delivered this nugget to us. There is nothing to say, just to laugh. All the same, that at the very moment when he spoke, his ankles swell surely, following the assassination of Jerko Leko that he had received during the game. One thing is safe for Ronaldo who could be sanctioned for his statements this year he deserves “the Golden Melon”!

Disgusted by a “shameful” arbitration and an audience that whistled at the end of the game, Ronaldo continues his tirade, always remaining humble: “I’m sad.” Before the game, the umpires say they will protect the most talented players, the ones with the most abilities. But eventually they don’t protect anyone! Some players, impossible to touch them, it’s fantastic! Me on the other hand they give me huge blows … Frankly I do not understand anything! “To believe poor Ronaldo, the world is against him.” Or the world is just trying to keep it quiet. Nevertheless, such remarks remain admirable. Not once Cristiano does change the line. And assume all these gérémiades: it’s strong! At the time Ronaldo and Messi are compared in their technical performances, the Portuguese does not seem to be up to par in terms of fairplay and modesty. And you what do you think about these reactions?

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