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Cristiano Ronaldo: Training for the match against Denmark

Portugal would face Denmark tomorrow night for a qualifying match at Euro 2012. A way for Cristiano Ronaldo and other Nani to train a little for the game back on the Danish lands.

What is good with the training photos of a football team is that they can be suitable for boys as well as for girls … But before talking about the aesthetic side of the thigh of Ronaldo (who was invited to the barbecue of José Mourinho to maintain the whole), let’s talk a little sport! Indeed, this Tuesday will play the return match Denmark/Portugal for qualifying at Euro 2012. For what is expected as the final of the group H, Portugal will have to ensure its place of leader by a draw or a score surrounding that match go (3/1 for Portugal). Will Cristiano Ronaldo reiterate his goal? We’ll have to wait till tomorrow night.

And, as we show the photos, the Portugal team does not take for granted the match go against Denmark. The team of Paulo Bento who, according to his words, remains “confident” in his team is at a severe training. “Portugal will play with two possible results that would allow it to finish in the first place, but the priority will be to win.” We go there with the will to pocket a sixth successive victory in the group, but the different trainings of Cristiano Ronaldo suffice to doze the breeder? What do you think? And what game are you going to watch tomorrow night? France or Portugal?

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