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Cristiano Ronaldo: It compares to a Ferrari

Cristiano Ronaldo no longer ends up flaunting his arrogance in his statements. Indeed, the Portuguese has just declared that comparing Messi and him, this equates to comparing a Porsche and a Ferrari … just that!

It is public notoriety: Cristiano Ronaldo did not wait for the tackles of his opponents to have the ankles that swell. Indeed, the Portuguese gratified US regularly with tasty statements where he flaunts his legendary modesty and his humility to any ordeal, as for example when Cristiano Ronaldo had declared to be handsome and rich. For our greatest happiness, here is his last pearl: When asked who is the best between his former coach of Manchester United Alex Ferguson and his current trainer José Mourinho, the Portuguese gives an answer … worthy of him “it is impossible to” Compare. “It’s like Lionel Messi and I are a Ferrari and a Porsche.” What a metaphor full of simplicity! The whole question now is what about the little Argentine genius or the beautiful Portuguese kid is the Ferrari.

But the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has come to refocus the debate on his fierce duel with Lionel Messi is not due to chance. Indeed, every weekend, our two protagonists indulge in a remote fight mercilessly … and it seems trotter in the head of the Portuguese who does not want to know the frustration of seeing the Argentine finish Pichichi, while Messi will probably win his Third consecutive Gold ball! But in view of the progress that has been made in Real Madrid in the last few matches, it is not unlikely that the fight will be more tight than in the last two years. Who do you think is the best?

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