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Cristiano Ronaldo: He cheats Irina Shayk with a top-model?

An umpteenth rumor runs on the couple of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. This one would deceive his girlfriend Irina Shayk with the Romanian Top Model Alexandra Burde.

While his beloved Irina Shayk finds himself far away from him in New York, Cristiano Ronaldo would have taken advantage of it to tell another damsel in Madrid. Alexandra Burde, a 23-year-old sexy blonde, works in the agency Madrid Management Model. In addition to exposing her discoloured hair and his false eyelashes on clichés, Alexandra Burde would also be a singer in her lost hours. Of Romanian origin, the peroxidized blonde would have typed in the eye of Cristiano Ronaldo who makes us a finger of honor on video. Under the spell, the young man would also have asked for his number before sending him messages every day.

Alexandra Burde to the quite questionable elegance would have attended several games of Cristiano Ronaldo at the stage of Barnabéu in the company of his girlfriends as would show some photos. However, this infidelity is a rumor and its truthfulness remains to be verified. And then you have to admit, when you compare Alexandra Burde to Irina Shayk, several questions are burning our lips. What would be the secret boot of this extremely cutthroat blonde to seduce the famous Cristiano Ronaldo rich and handsome according to him? Is he really acoquinerait with the very archetype of a low-end bimbo while a Russian beauty is lovingly held on his arm? Why come back to the truffle when you’re used to caviar?

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