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Cristiano Ronaldo: He accidentally sends the hot photos of his fans to Irina Shayk

The Real Madrid striker has transferred to all his contacts a very hot mail from one of his fans. A manipulation error that could have cost him a lot of money.

The legend is that intelligence is not the first quality of a footballer … And it is not this anecdote of one of the best players on the planet who will prove otherwise. Indeed, the attacker of Real Madrid was guilty of a blunder that could have had serious consequences on his private life, since by wanting to delete the mail of a fan including pictures of immigrant, he simply transferred it to all of his Contacts … Including the fiancé of Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk. We’ve seen less awkward as a situation! A close confides: “He is embarrassed by all this and he is particularly mortified at the idea of having sent the email to Irina.” But he did nothing wrong and Irina did not confront him about it. Wherever Cristiano goes in the world, women throw themselves at his feet. “Irina knows that managing other women who try to attract her attention is part of everyday life when one is in the arms of a footballer like Cristiano.” Like the daily life of a sex-symbol in the air hard to bear! We are two fingers away from complaining …

We will still end up believing that the beautiful Portuguese kid likes to make talk about his person, Cristiano Ronaldo who recently said that he considers himself handsome and rich … But it seems that this time, this situation has made it much less on him, which will hopefully serve as a lesson and deflate his melon: Cristiano’s phone has not stopped receiving calls and e-mails from disconcerted friends in recent days , told a source to the Mirror. They all called him or sent him messages to find out what was the subject of this mail. Of course they wanted to know more about the girl from the photos. “Cristiano had to explain that she’s just a fan who sent her pictures and made a mistake sending them instead of erasing them.” So it seems that Cristiano and the new technologies … it was 2, he who had already pointed out by breaking text With his ex. And you, have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation because of a text message or an email sent to a poor recipient?

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