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Cristiano Ronaldo: CR Junior supports his dad

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior came to support last Saturday his father who played against the Baetis of Seville. The video has a smile and allows CR7 to redeem a more positive image after its recent spillovers.

A few weeks ago, Cristiano Ronaldo illustrated himself with a finger of honor, allegedly addressed to his teammate Pepe. A very personal way for the Real Madrid player to respond to a joke, especially when the concerned is not really in the corner. In short, this time CR7 (his nickname droid) decided to be seen well. So, last Saturday, on Spanish television, the supporters of the Real were able to see the touching images of Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, in the arms of his grandmother Dolores, making big signs to his dad before the match against the Baetis Sevilla. And, the least we can say is that Junior seems to enjoy football:

CR7 had announced the happy event, just over a year ago now. He would have appealed to an American surrogate to put her son in the world. The latter probably withdrew to a paradise island, with the 12 million euros that Ronaldo paid him to never reveal his identity. He thus holds the monopoly of rights over this child. Actually that makes a little stock market. Afterwards it was Dolores, the mother of CR7 who mainly cared for the newborn, even though the “Padre” told the Spanish magazine Marca: “Of course I change the diapers.” “It’s not the thing I prefer in the world, but I do.” It remains to be known whether the Portuguese player, invited to the barbecue of José Mourinho, presented him his offspring. What do you think of the son of CR7?

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