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Mercato 2012: “Falcao Dream of Real”

This is the player in view of the moment, Radamel Falcao impresses with an early season in which he follows the goals. No more need to attract the lust of the biggest clubs in Europe.

Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris-Saint-Germain, this is as many directions as possible for the front-centre of Atletico-Madrid. Falcao has capsized the major European clubs. Even if the player seems focused on his season with the Colchoneros and is discreet in the press, his father is much less. Mr Falcao Sr. said: “Falcao has always wanted to play first league.” “Ever since, my boy loves Chelsea and thinks it would be an honor for him to evolve within a big stable in the first league …” A statement that immediately launched the media machine with rumors from all sides. Yet while most people would have calmed the game, Falcao’s father added a layer to the columns in the newspaper AS: “His dream is to play Real Madrid.” He’s always wanted to evolve there since he was a kid. But if he cannot play in Madrid, he will do so in England. “He wants to go to the world (2014), but mostly go to Madrid.” But what does the Colombian father play?

Shock statements that make a lot of ink flow in Spain. The Madrid press is already racing by announcing already that Falcao could be the replacement of Cristiano Ronaldo and his blues hit at Real Madrid next summer. On the side of England, Roman Abrahmovic has to rub his hands with the idea of associating Falcao with his Spanish scorer Fernando Torres. But it would seem well according to the words of the father that Real holds the rope. A new one that will not delight the supporters of Atletico (sworn enemy of the Real) who could see their best player rally the other club of the capital (in the image of Sergio Aguero who could have signed in the merengues before joining Manchester City). As for Radamel Falcao, a little overwhelmed by this whole story, he held to reassure the supporters of Atletico by declaring: “My dream is to triumph with Atletico …” A little convincing answer from one who will surely make a lot of talk about him when opening the transfer market. What do you think?

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