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Cristiano Ronaldo takes a good time on holiday with Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk form a couple you can no longer glamorous. And that says glamour says holiday of the same ilk, with a very special program!

The Warrior’s Rest! This is how it is possible to qualify the summer 2012 of Cristiano Ronaldo. For undeniably, with regard to his performances this season, the few weeks of relaxation he spends with his beautiful are damned deserved for Portuguese. And of course, when you’re a football player and you have such a huge salary as your own, you have enough to pay for a dream vacation and enjoy paradise destinations. It is therefore quite natural that the choice of Madrid has focused on Thailand this year, the history of the gentle flow, accompanied by the one with whom it seems to become serious. “Cristiano is happy, and does not rule out to ask her to marry, so much he feels good with her.” On family values, they are on the same wavelength “said one of his relatives. The time when Cristiano Ronaldo was flirting with the ex of Carles Puyol seems so far away …

For the French fans of Cristiano Ronaldo, know that before indulging in the joys of Thailand, the couple were in Saint-Tropez. So, ladies, are you one of the lucky ones who spotted her on the French Riviera? Anyway, this holiday undoubtedly reinflated the batteries of the Real Madrid striker, who will have to do if he wishes to improve his stratospheric statistics of the past season, so that Cristiano Ronaldo does at least as well as Lionel Messi. And if not, what do you think of her relationship with Irina Shayk?

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