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Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal qualifies for Euro 2012

Portugal has qualified for the Euro by sweeping Bosnia (6-2, 0-0 on the Go) on Tuesday evening in Lisbon. Cristiano Ronaldo did not fail to shine by registering a magnificent double.

That it seems far away the time of the match go between Portugal and Bosnia, when Cristiano Ronaldo was making a finger of honor to the Bosnian supporters insulting! The player of Real Madrid and his compatriots have indeed responded to these futile taunts of the best of ways: on the green rectangle. And in what way, since the Lusitanians have atomized their opponents of the evening, completely outdated, on the river score of 6-2! And as you probably doubt it, Ronaldo did not fail to shine and register a double, story to silence the critics that rain on him in selection. He was able to take his responsibilities at the best of times, he who said, fulfilled: “People are accustomed to what I mark on free kick, this is one of my specialties.” “The team deserves to be congratulated because we managed to score six goals for an extremely difficult adversary.” And what goals, since the Portuguese players have given themselves to heart joy to register jewels all more beautiful than the others, as can be seen from the summary of the match below:

While to finish the year, the French team made a lousy match against Belgium, Portugal it was the party all night! Because in the face of Bosnia, Paulo Bento’s team did not just qualify for the Euro. She added the way, thus making the pride of supporters reconciled with their national team. “The Heroes of the Luz”, “a magical night of Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates qualify Portugal for the Euro 2012” headline enthusiastic local newspapers! Undoubtedly, Portugal has proved with this glittering victory that it deserves its place in the Euro: As much the match go had been undecided, as much the return did not leave any doubt. What do you think of the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates at the Euro 2012?

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