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Cristiano Ronaldo: He makes a finger of honor to the Bosnian supporters insulting

It is on the occasion of the dams going from the Euro 2012 that Cristiano Ronaldo has cracked. After seeing the taunts and other insults of the Bosnian public, he ended up making them a finger of honor.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently one of the best players in the world, but he is also one of the most controversial footballers. Indeed, he is not known for his modesty. It is not uncommon to pick up pretentious statements on the occasion of an interview with the press. The latest date in which Cristiano Ronadlo compares to a Ferrari. A trait that sometimes pushes some supporters into their retrenchment. Shortly before the dams go from the Euro 2012 on Friday in Bosnia, the supporters pushed at Bout CR. hissed, insulted and threatened with death Cristiano Ronaldo ended up making a finger of honor to the public of Zenica who did not privately to direct a laser in the eyes at the time of training. And that was not to mention the verbal aggressions and insulting songs that greeted him at the airport

And when asked to CR7 his opinion on the matter, he replied: “And the lasers that I took in the eyes?” Nobody talks about it, all speak of my gesture, regrets the old’s, in words reported by Marca. Again yesterday (Friday), I was targeted five times. When others do things, we don’t say anything. “But when it’s me, everyone says evil to me …”. Although the Tuesday return match is going on at home, we can expect some tension again, what do you say? Do you think he was right to react that way? What do you think of the supporters ‘ reaction?

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