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Cristiano Ronaldo clashed by Diego Maradona

Cristiano Ronaldo has always divided. Everyone agrees to recognize his talent, but his expressions and his selfishness annoy many people … including Maradona, who decided to fit him in by comparing him to Lionel Messi!

For many years, Diego Maradona has been collecting the boisterous statements. And every time, the football legend doesn’t do it in lace. Too bad for its targets, which are diverse and varied, and which suffer the depths of its thoughts, most of the time tainted with a background of chauvinism. Yes, Maradona loves Argentina, his foals Aguero and Messi, and intends to let it know. In short, Diego speaks a lot, but rarely to say banalities, bears witness to his last punchline: “Cristiano will never reach Leo’s level.” He may have a nice hit, but Leo doesn’t need him because of his talent. I will never say evil of Messi, for I know him. When Lionel Messi scores a goal, he celebrates it with his team. When Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal, he stops as if he were advertising for shampoo. “There is the difference”. A statement that is reminiscent of Pelé ‘s against Messi …

Nevertheless, not sure that this attack in good standing disturbs the Portuguese striker of Real Madrid. Eliminated in the semi-final and author of a satisfying Euro, CR concluded his season with his selection as he had started with his club. And anyway, the one who won the Ligua last season is not the type to doubt his person, since Cristiano Ronaldo has given himself the score of 10 for his individual performances this year. So it is not these pikes thrown by Maradona who will prevent him from sleeping, he who has an important objective in line of sight: do everything to prevent Messi from winning the Gold Ball 2012. And you, you are rather Ronaldo or Messi?

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