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Cristiano Ronaldo: Blues shot or craving for money?

The new one made the effect of a bomb, Cristiano Ronaldo said not to be happy at Real Madrid. It did not take more to the press to seize the subject with crazy rumors.

From Cristiano Ronaldo in the text: “I am sad”, it is by these words that the Portuguese international justified its lack of enthusiasm during its doubled last Sunday. The most expensive transfer of history has made a lot of ink flowing with these statements. This evil being would be linked to the salary of the Madrid that he judged not to be at the height of his standing. He said that the player would even be jealous of the 16 million affected by the Ibrahimovic of the PSG as he judged himself superior. The Lusitanian would therefore have requested a revalorization of its salary to its president who immediately refused it. To add to the frustration of CR7, his eternal rival Lionel Messi will be offered (while he has not asked for anything) a lifetime contract at Barca with a nice salary increase. It was no longer necessary to tickle Ronaldo’s oversized ego. To win the case, the player is even ready to leave everything from Real. Yet, one can logically ask the question of the usefulness of a departure from Madrid for CR7.

This case could be a way for Cristiano Ronaldo to get what he wants. It is recalled that José Mourinho had tried the same poker shot with Real and was a winner of the iron arm. This track is plausible because it turns out that CR7 and the special One have the same agent, so he could have sponsored it all. In any case, in case of departure, the prestigious courtiers would not miss. The PSG is already announced in the race as well as Manchester City with an offer that would the 120 million euros. Note that the Zenit St Petersburg which just spent 100 million euros for Hulk and Witsel could also become a serious contender. Cristiano Ronaldo plays a dangerous game by making his diva in a country hit with full whip by the crisis and even though he will surely have to win the cause, not sure that his coast of popularity (already not very high) goes up. Business to follow. Do you think CR7 will leave Madrid?

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