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Cristiano Ronaldo: At the trial of Berlusconi with George Clooney

Cristiano Ronaldo and George Clooney are called to testify in the scandal trial of Silvio Berlusconi, to certify that his evenings were not the parts of debauchery described. 

The least we can say is that when it comes to defending your interests, Silvio Berlusconi has a long, long arm. Indeed, while the former Italian prime minister is bogged down in a scandal lawsuit and risking three years in prison for minor prostitution and 12 years for abuse of office, George Clooney and Cristiano Ronaldo are called to certify that Silvio’s dinners Berlusconi were not the debauchery parts described in telephone conversations by several young girls who participated. These last two are among the 78 witnesses called to defend the honor of Berlusconi. But among those invited to this trial, there are also 32 young women who allegedly participated in the orgies organized by the billionaire in his various residences, including the famous Ruby. She has also always denied having had sex with Silvio Berlusconi but she conceded having had a good time with Cristiano Ronaldo just qualified with Portugal for the Euro 2012. As for George Clooney, he will have to deny that he and his companion at the time, Italian actress Elisabetta Canal, participated in parties of debauchery at the home of Berlusconi.

As soon as his name appeared in the case, George Clooney who confessed to having already thought about committing suicide had decided to publish a statement denying any participation in the evening to which Ruby was referring. Today, the Milan prosecutor’s office would like to hear it so that it confirms that the evenings with the former President of the Council did not resemble the orgies told on the telephone by several young prostitutes. What do you think of such stars being involved in this kind of business?

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