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FC Barcelona: How much does Messi actually earn?

While the whole world follows Cristiano Ronaldo’s soap opera and his salary increase, Lionel Messi remains very discreet but sees his emoluments climb high enough.

Cristiano Ronaldo is sad, Lionel Messi smiles. The Argentine Elf is on top, not only is he (and by far) the best player in the world, he flies over the debates at every FC Barcelona game, he enjoys an untouchable status in his club, he is adored and above all he wins very well (very very well) his life. Indeed if the salary of the Pulga is 10.5 million euros per year (which places it ninth in the highest paid players in the world), if one removes the advertising income or other, the salary of Leo Messi seems much higher than this sum. Indeed, the Barca player would benefit from a clause in his contract allowing him to transform a part of his variable into a fixed one. That is, as soon as the Argentine wins a title, Messi’s salary increases. If we add the number of trophies won by the Barca of Messi (14 trophies), the player would receive an astronomical salary of about 18 million euros per year placing him second in the ranking just behind Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o.

This is an information that should make Cristiano Ronaldo cringe because his eternal rival is and will remain Leo Messi. An evil being of Ronaldo that should not fade since Real Madrid who should offer him a bigger salary will surely not have the means to offer him as much as what Barca offers to Messi (video that convinced him to recruit him). In any case for many, given what these two players offer to the public and the trophies they allow to glean, a higher salary seems to be obvious. Now when Cristiano Ronaldo demands his clumsiness increase and gets everyone back, Leo Messi, faithful to himself remains discreet and does not make waves. A very good lesson from the Argentine master to his Portuguese rival. What do you think?

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