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Cristiano Ronaldo: A bigger salary to dry his tears

We learn that Cristiano Ronaldo would have won the case in his confrontation against the leaders of the Casa Blanca.

“Estoy Sad” said Cristiano Ronaldo. This little phrase panicked all of Spain’s football and brought all the journalists and supporters to look into the matter. But why is it sad? He earns 10 million euros a year, is a couple with a mannequin, he has just won the Spanish Supercup in front of the grand rival Barcelonais … But why? The atmosphere inside the group would not be fixed and especially because of Cristiano. There is also the fact that Iniesta has just won the title of Best FIFA player, as Ronaldo hoped more than ever. Finally, the Portuguese would be disappointed not to be the best paid player in the world. With its 10 million euros a year, Portuguese is only fourth in the best paid players behind names like Samuel Eto’o, Wayne Rooney and Ibrahimovic. The press is rather leaning towards this last track.

The reason for his discontent would therefore be of a financial nature. The Parisian, teaches us that the Portuguese would have been invited to renew his contract, at a meeting on Wednesday, bringing together Florentino Perez, José Mourinho and so Ronaldo. The club of the capital would have offered its player a contract of 15 million euros per year for the Portuguese. This would amount to an increase of 5 million net euros, which few people, especially in Spain, can boast of having obtained … It would exceed the Ibrahimovic and its 14 million euros annually. If the newspaper says that nothing is yet signed, the Merengue president would like his player to ratify this contract as soon as possible to keep other clubs like Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain away. The duration of the contract is not specified but it may be a lifetime contract that would link the number 7 to its club. Last week, there was a rumor that FC Barcelona could also offer a lifetime contract to Messi. To believe that when one does something, the other cannot help but imitate it! If this contract was signed, it would send a message to all players: “Make the head until you get a nice raise!” Ronaldo made it up to him. And you, what do you think about this increase?

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