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How much do Messi, Ronaldo and Beckham really earn?

This is no secret to anyone, football is a lucrative business in which players win pharamineuses. But what are the 10 best paid players?

This ranking made by our colleagues at Foot Mercato not only takes into account the salaries of the players, but also their advertising contracts or the sale of derivative products. Without surprise, in the top 3 of the best paid players in the world we find the inevitable Cristiano Ronaldo who has pocketed the tidy sum of 29.2 million euros since the beginning of the year 2012. In the second position, we find the businessman David Beckham who, for his part, has won the tidy sum of 31.5 million euros in 2012. Finally, the number one and not least, the best player of the planet Lionel Messi who flies over the debates with the sum pharamineuse of 33 million euros cashed in 2012. A pretty foot of nose to his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo who is still far behind.

In the rest of the ranking, one finds in tenth position the astonishing Philipp Lahm with 14.3 million euros, in ninth position, Ricardo Kakà with 15.5 million euros, the eighth place is occupied by Fernando Torres and his 16.7 million euros. In seventh position, one finds the Ivorian Yaya Touré with 17.6 million euros, the sixth place is occupied by his teammate Sergio Agüero and his 18.8 million euros. Wayne Rooney ranks fifth with the sum of 20.6 million euros. The Cameroonian Anzhi Samuel Eto’o arrives at the foot of the podium with a total of 23.3 million euros of income on the current calendar year. Colossal amounts that show that these players are not only footballers but also businessmen and brands for some. As on the grounds, Lionel Messi dominates the debates. What do you think?

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