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Guardiola close to AC Milan?

AC Milan, plagued by doubt since the beginning of the season of the most complicated? Already looking for a replacement for Massimiliano Allegri, Pep Guardiola would hold the rope.

Pep Guardiola, when he officiated at FC Barcelona, was considered much like the world’s best coach in the nose and beard of his Madrid rival José Mourinho, who had clashed with Sergio Ramos. But here, Guardiola decided to take a little rest and left his position as coach of Barca. Since this departure, and even despite the statements of the former midfielder, the craziest rumors have circulated towards it. We were actually talking about Guardiola in Chelsea or AC Milan but nothing concrete. Now it seems that the second alternative is topical because of the complicated start of the season that Milan AC realizes. Indeed, Massimiliano Allegri seems to be getting closer to the exit door, especially after the defeat of Sunday against the eternal rival of Inter.

A coach on the harness, it was not necessary to revive the rumor Josep Guardiola. But this time, it would seem to be concrete because we are already advancing the amount of the cheque that the old Barca would touch in Milan. Silvio Berlusconi who took over the head of Milan AC would have made the move in person in New York, a place where Guardiola resides, to submit to him a concrete offer. An enticing offer of 6 million euros annually over 4 years, which would make the trifle of 24 million euros in the pocket of the Catalan technician. An offer that would attract more than one in a club as reputable as AC Milan. But voila, AC Milan has lost its superb since the departure of its two best players in the PSG and the strength is at light years of the one available to Guardiola at Barça. A risky gamble that could taint the reputation of the one who won everything with his heart club. What do you think?

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