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Cristiano Ronaldo would no longer be with Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk would have decided to drop Cristiano Ronaldo. According to many media, the attacker of Real Madrid would have deceived him with Nicole Minetti, an ex of Silvio Berlusconi …

Did you dream it? Irina Shayk did it. Ladies and gentlemen, in this Christmas season, it is not too much to advise you to monitor the dating sites, you may well find an unlikely gift: the profile of Cristiano Ronaldo seeking again love. Because if we believe the Portuguese daily in Bola, the star of Real Madrid Cristiano would be single. At the origin of this rupture, the statement of an Italian replying to the name of Nicole Minetti: “I slept well with him” would have ensured this model. But his intentions are far from clear: it may be that the purpose of this manoeuvre is to make jealous his ex, who is no other than a certain Silvio Berlusconi. Anyway, the life of Cristiano Ronaldo, who would like to return to Manchester United, is definitely not any rest these days …

The story between Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk lasted for two years and was never a long quiet river. We often wondered if the beautiful Russian was not manipulative to the point that we suspect Irina Shayk to do what she wants from Cristiano Ronaldo. She has always privileged her career to the detriment of the desires of the Portuguese, who would have wished to have a child with. A point of disagreement among many others. Recently, CR would not have liked at all that the dummy lays bare on the cover of FHM. In short, conflicts were commonplace … Logical rupture, so, in your opinion?

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