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Cristiano Ronaldo: Real Madrid will offer him a new contract

The Portuguese star of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo will eventually gain cause in his duel the opponent to his leaders for a salary recovery.

“I’m sad” This is how Cristiano Ronaldo has very awkwardly asked for a revalorization of his salary which he believes is not in conformity with his status of crack. In fact with emoluments of EUR 10 million net per annum making it the tenth highest paid player in the world. Yet Cristiano is one of the top 3 players in the world and wants a salary at this height. Well it is now almost done with Real Madrid which will propose a new gold contract to CR7 to be able to keep it in its ranks. Proof that making the head can cause successful in certain situations. The way is debating, but given the exceptional performance of the Portuguese at the beginning of the season, it makes sense that its current club, in this case Real Madrid, does everything to keep it.

The new solid gold contract offered to Ronaldo will assure him a salary of 14 million euros per year (i.e. 4 million more than the current one) which would make him the third best paid player in the world always behind The Untouchables Ibrahimovic (his Best Zlataneries) at PSG and especially Samuel Eto’o in Anzhi. This contract could cost much more to Real Madrid because the Beckham law (which limited the income tax on players to 24%) is no longer. Players now have to pay income taxes in the amount of 52% of their income. An increase that will surely not be fun for Cristiano Ronaldo who would surely ask his club to pay him his taxes which should do very poorly at Casa Blanca. Does Cristiano Ronaldo deserve this increase?

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