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Cristiano Ronaldo: Irina Shayk Does what she wants from him

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk live a rather tumultuous story, and their respective behaviors are sometimes suspicious. This time it comes to wonder if the Real player is not manipulated by his beautiful Russian …

Cristiano Ronaldo is beautiful, rich, famous and has an incredible collection of cars. In other words, the Real Madrid Star brings together all the assets that might attract a girl. But so far, the Portuguese friends have always ensured that his relationship with Irina Shayk was sincere: “They are well together.” Living on two different continents most of the time is part of their lives. They got used to it. “Their relationship is made to last” entrusted a close one. But for some time, subjects of discord seem to intrude within the couple: Cristiano Ronaldo would like a child with his dulcinea, but it would seem that Irina is not of the same opinion: “Getting pregnant is excluded for her.” Irina does not envisage motherhood until the end of her career “ensures a well-informed source on the record.” And if we believe the recent rumors, it seems that once again, it is Irina Shayk who is the cause of a new conflict.

This time it would be reproached to enjoy the Portuguese. According to the model’s relatives, “Irina is a dollar, always interested in money, and she wants more and more.” “and Cristiano helps him in this.” Irina himself had conceded that this taste for money is part of her culture: “Russians Love Money.” “Even if we have many, it still seems inadequate” she said. Let us hope for the Portuguese that Irina Shayk is not only with him to satisfy his desires of shopping in Paris. It would be a pity if he depresses once again …

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