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Cristiano Ronaldo back in Manchester?

Rumors about a departure from Cristiano Ronaldo are being made every day more pressing. Every detail is overinterpreted every time. That is the case today. A new rumor is sending Ronaldo this time to Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo makes a lot of talk, whether it is for his quality of play, his escapades, his wife or even the rumours of transfer. That is the last point we are interested in today. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo whose divorce with Real Madrid could be consummated made a call from the foot to his former coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. Last Friday, a statue of Sir Alex the iconic coach of Manchester United was unveiled to pay tribute to the Scottish manager in particular Eric Cantona, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Peter Schmeichel. Cristiano Ronaldo could not move but still recorded a rather disturbing message to the attention of his ex-coach. “Hey, Boss!” Congratulations on everything you’ve done on the Manchester United side, I think you deserve all the things that happen to you. “I wish I was yours, but you know my diary, between workouts and games.” But that’s not what attracts our attention. Read more about the following. “I hope to see you very soon because I need to work my English.” I hope to see you very soon. “Thank you, Boss, I wish you the best.” Why would he need to work his English? Would he consider a return to the Old Trafford side?

If this message can be interpreted in different ways, it is still troubling, while a rumor already evoked a hypothetical return to Manchester, when Sir Alex declared, “I would like to think that it is possible, but I do not think it is”. Cristiano Ronaldo who is in trouble at Real Madrid, especially with his teammates would not be against a return to the fold. This statement of love to Sir Alex proves in any case that the player enjoyed being coached by him, and might need to revise his English in order to be ready for the Crown Championship. Do you think that Ronaldo who was injured at the arcade could return to Manchester United?

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