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Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!

On February 5, Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his 28th birthday. Portuguese that has never been as strong as this season intends to continue on its momentum, starting tomorrow with Portugal in the face of Ecuador.

One more year! Cristiano Ronaldo is celebrating his 28th birthday today. 28 years old … It is the golden age of the footballer according to the observers. And Cristiano Ronaldo proves it today. Indeed, Portuguese is at the top of his career with Real Madrid and with Portugal. Apart from the last weekend that could be described as tricky, Cristiano Ronaldo who scored a goal against his camp performs an exceptional season with his club. However, a shot received at the tibia during the defeat against Granada decreases him for his match with the Portuguese selection against Ecuador. “It’s possible that I’m not at 100% but I’m going to play against Ecuador because my greatest pride is to represent my country.” “I always want to play to defend my club and my selection which is a family and makes me feel like I’m home.” Cristiano hopes to celebrate his 28th birthday as he should and add at least one unit to his 37 goals already registered for his country. However, he will have to do it quickly since he should only play half a time.

Cristiano Ronaldo whose future in Real Madrid is most uncertain, can already boast of having a career worthy of the greatest names. Since arriving in Madrid in 2009, Cristiano has scored 179 goals in … 178 matches! What to see in a good eye the coming years. Cristiano Ronaldo who started the year in fanfare, is the subject of a petition for his wax statue to appear in the Museum of Madame Tussaud, alongside the Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, or other Barack Obama … Not sure if this request ends soon … Anyway, wishes a happy Birthday to Cristiano Ronaldo! Do you think Cristiano will continue on his exceptional momentum?

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