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Cristiano Ronaldo: A new contract at 15 million euros a year?

According to the newspaper Marca, Real Madrid would be willing to offer a new contract to Cristiano Ronaldo, with a salary of 15 million euros per year.

Cristiano Ronaldo seems more than ever on the start. According to Marca, Real Madrid would be willing to offer a contract to 15 million euros a year to retain it. As , Ronaldo himself, whose contract runs until 2015 is not interested in the renewal of his contract. He wants to go to the end of his contract, being professional, but without leaving a euro to Real. Thing that Real wants to avoid at all costs. A departure from Ronaldo without any transfer allowance would be one of the biggest fiascos of Real for a player bought 94 million euros. So this is why Real will give him a proposal to extend his contract with a salary of 15 million euros a year, which would make him the best paid player in the history of real Madrid. According to his entourage, he would refuse to prolong his adventure in Madrid. But Ronaldo’s contract renewal depends on one thing. Kaka’s departure.

The Brazilian who has failed to impose himself on Real must absolutely leave the club to lighten the payroll and thus allow the Merengue club to cover Ronaldo with purple tickets. According to Marca, an extension of Ronaldo cannot be done without a decrease in the amount of the right to the image that the club perceives in the image of Ronaldo. When he signed in 2009, Ronaldo ceded 50% of this amount to the club, and now wants to get it back. But Real would not be inclined to yield to this requirement. Cristiano Ronaldo who earns about 30 million euros a year already has the head in Manchester. Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo should accept such a contract offer?

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