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Cristiano Ronaldo: New Ambassador of the NGO Save the Children

That is a quality that we did not know. Cristiano is generous! The evidence, he became the new ambassador of Save the Children, an NGO whose mission is to defend the rights of the Child.

For once, we will not talk about the extension or not of the contract of Cristiano Ronaldo, but of his commitment to the children. Oh, yes! Ronaldo is engaged! He is indeed the new ambassador of the NGO Save the children. This NGO works “to combat hunger and childhood obesity in order to promote physical activity and healthy eating”. He said in a note published by the organization, “when I knew that one in seven children in the world is going to bed every night hungry, I did not hesitate to get involved”. For him, “It is an honour” to engage with Save the children. He adds, “I want to work with them to ensure that fewer parents have to fight to feed their children in a healthy way.” He evokes his experience as a father. “As a father, I know how important it is to give my two-year-old son a healthy life since he was born and I want all boys and girls to have this opportunity.” Cristiano Ronaldo who earns about 30 million euros a year as

Ronaldo joined the great family of Save the children’s ambassadors, including Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Garner and Julianne Moore. Alberto Storeres, the director of the organization said in a statement, “We are delighted that a player so high level works with us.” Many girls and boys from all over the world see Ronaldo as a model to follow for a healthy life and to keep fit. Cristiano Ronaldo who could get a contract of 15 million euros a year is showing generosity and will silence some bad languages. Certainly he earns a lot of money, but engages to do good around him. What do you think of the commitment of Cristiano Ronaldo?

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